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As a naturally communicative and sociable individual, I thrive on actively exploring new environments and embracing challenges. Engaging in conversations with open-minded individuals fuels my passion for tackling exciting endeavors with enthusiasm. 

Whether as a dedicated leader or a supportive colleague, I prioritize reliability and responsibility in all my actions, striving to empower those around me.

I find solace and inspiration in sailing across the serene waters of Lake Neusiedl, using the opportunity to reflect on thoughts and cultivate fresh ideas. Additionally, immersing myself in nature through cycling brings me joy and rejuvenation. 

As a digital native and millennial, I am deeply fascinated by emerging technologies and embrace contemporary leadership practices and modern lifestyles.

Above all, I cherish moments spent with my family and friends, recognizing the invaluable importance of meaningful connections and shared experiences.

„Big things happen when you do the little things right.“

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Team spirit





My Goals

Personal development


Empowering people

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Professional Career

01.2024 – present

Principal Consultant

adesso Austria GmbH

As a Principal Consultant, my responsibilities and work typically encompass:

Client Engagement: I am deeply involved in engaging with clients to understand their needs, challenges, and goals. I serve as a trusted advisor, understanding their evolving needs, anticipating challenges, and proactively offering solutions to drive value and client satisfaction.

Project Management: I take on a leadership role in consulting projects, providing strategic direction, setting project objectives, and overseeing execution to ensure successful outcomes. Managing resources, timelines, and deliverables while maintaining client satisfaction is my priority.

Leadership: I lead all colleagues that are working for my customer, guiding their work, providing mentorship, and fostering their professional development. Delegating tasks, offering support, and ensuring that the team works cohesively towards project goals are all part of my responsibilities.

Solution Development: Leveraging my expertise and industry knowledge, I contribute to the development of innovative solutions and methodologies tailored to meet client needs. Collaborating with colleagues to design and implement effective strategies and frameworks is a key aspect of my role.

Business Development: In addition to client engagements, I play a key role in business development efforts. This includes identifying new opportunities, cultivating relationships with potential clients, and participating in proposal development and presentations.

Thought Mentorship: As a thought leader in my field, I share insights, trends, and best practices through various channels such as publications, presentations, and conferences. Contributing to the intellectual capital of the consulting firm and positioning myself as an authority in my domain is important to me.

Quality Assurance: I ensure the quality of consulting services delivered to clients by conducting reviews, providing feedback, and implementing quality assurance processes. Monitoring project progress, identifying areas for improvement, and ensuring adherence to standards are all part of my role.

Overall, as a Principal Consultant, my role is multifaceted, requiring a combination of leadership, strategic thinking, client management, and technical expertise to deliver exceptional consulting services and drive business growth.

Department: Business & IT Consulting

Client: Amt der steiermärkischen Landesregierung

Responsibility: Client Key Account Manager

04.2021 – present

Team Leader Consulting

adesso Austria GmbH

As a Team Leader in consulting, my role encompasses several pivotal responsibilities:

Team Management: My primary duty is to oversee and guide the members of my consulting team. This involves task assignment, goal setting, providing direction, and ensuring that everyone works cohesively towards project objectives.

Problem-Solving: As a leader, I am tasked with resolving complex challenges and making strategic decisions to propel project success. This may involve data analysis, collaborative brainstorming, and leveraging team expertise to devise effective solutions.

Team Development: Fostering the professional growth and development of my team members is integral. Providing feedback, mentorship, and identifying training opportunities are key components of nurturing a high-performing team.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring that consulting services meet rigorous standards of excellence falls within my purview. Conducting thorough reviews, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing best practices are vital for maintaining service quality.

Business Development: In some instances, I contribute to business development efforts by identifying new client prospects, participating in proposal development, and supporting the growth of the consulting practice.

Overall, my role as a Team Leader in consulting is pivotal in steering my team towards success, delivering exceptional service to clients, and driving the growth and prosperity of the consulting practice.

Department: Business & IT Consulting

12.2020 – 12.2023

Managing Consultant & Senior Project Manager

adesso Austria GmbH

Business Development, Agile Project Management, Business Analysis

Department: Business & IT Consulting

Client: Sozialversicherungsanstalt der Selbständigen (SVS)

Project: IT Harmonization Program (SVA & SVB Merger)

12.2018 – 11.2020

Senior Consultant & Project Manager

adesso Austria GmbH

Business Development, Agile Project Management, User Experience Design, Requirements Engineering

Department: Business & IT Consulting

Client: Niederösterreichische Versicherung AG

Projects: Customer application to manage policies and services and report damages

Workflow based application to handle damage reports

Client: Landwirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich

Project: Online Portal and Digital Office for farmers

01.2016 – 11.2018

Senior IT Business Consultant & Project Manager

ÖBB Personenverkehr AG

Project manager “Train Attendant App Suite & Mobile Devices”, Mobile First for iOS partnership project with Apple Inc. & IBM Corp., replacement of industrial hard- and software with consumer hardware and customized software for train attendants

IT Business consultant for Train Attendants, IT responsible for sales and operations solutions used by personal on trains

Department: Digital Mobility

01.2015 – 12.2015

Senior IT Project Manager

OMV Solutions GmbH

Project manager “TopSpot 2 ZEMA”, software migration for global enterprise data management

Project manager “RBO Alternatives”, replacement of an SAP retail back office system

Project manager “Mobile Payment Solutions OMV”, PoC for a new loyalty app with in-app payment

Department: Business Consulting and Project Management

10.2011 – 12.2014

Project and Program Manager


Program manager “Mainframe Shutdown”, replacement of 7 local datacentres

Project manager “Payment transaction SEPA”, payment method implementation

Account manager “Project Management Network”, formation of a PM community and setup of one PM standard for the Austrian social insurances

Account manager for “Central Software Release Coordination”, process and tool introduction for harmonized software releases

Department: Project and Program Management Office (PMO)

08.2009 – 09.2011

Project Manager

Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH

Project manager “Michelangelo”, product finalization and market launch of “the” new upper limb prosthesis

PMO setup, Definition of Project Management processes, roles and methods

Department: R&D – Project Management Office (PMO)

01.2009 – 06.2009


Erste Bank der Österreichischen Sparkassen AG

Project responsible for “BPM Portal”, group wide online portal for BPM

Process Management Office support & process modelling

Department: ORG/IT – Business Process Management

04.2002 – present

Founder & Entrepreneur

WDS – Web.Design.Sparrer

Consulting of entrepreneurs and small sized business, web development & web hosting, focus on digital media and online marketing strategies

Company: Digital Agency, Business and IT Consulting

Voluntary Work

Project Excellence Assessor

Project Management Austria (PMA)

Assessing of young Project Managers at the yearly PMA Project Excellence Award


WU Executive Academy

Sharing my PM knowledge and experience with students on the Master’s Degree „MBA Project Management“

Mentor and Coach

UAS BFI Vienna

Mentoring and coaching of young professionals at the yearly project internship with students of the Bachelors Program „PM & IT“ 

Academic Education

09.2011 – 06.2015

Master of Science in Engineering, MSc

UAS Burgenland

Business Process Engineering and Management

Business Process Engineering, Business Process Management, Information and Communication Technology, IT-Governance, IT-Service Management

09.2009 – 03.2011

Master of Arts in Business, MA

UAS BFI Vienna

Project Management and Organisation

Project Portfolio- und Multi Project Management, International Project Management, Project Oriented Organisation, Process Management, Business Economics, Organisational Development, Change Management, Quality Management, Entrepreneurship

09.2006 – 06.2009

Bachelor of Arts in Business, BA

UAS BFI Vienna

Project Management and Information Technology

Project Planning, Controlling & Organization, Project Management Methods, Tools and Competences, Risk- and Claim Management, Internet technology and Security, Databases, Process Modeling, Economics, Accounting, Budgeting, Legal Doctrine

Advanced Education

Agile Leader

Certified Agile Leader 
in Project Management



Project Manager

2022 & 2017 & 2012


Professional Scrum



Professional Scrum
Product Owner



Scrum Master



Certified Professional in Requirements Engineering


Linguistic Proficiency


Personal Interests







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